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Download Source Code

Stable Release (changelog)
Windows Source Installer: wxpropgrid-1.4.15-win.exe
Source Archive: wxpropgrid-1.4.15-src.tar.gz
Additional wxPython-related Sources: wxpropgrid-1.4.15-wxpython-src.tar.gz

Old Stable Release
Windows Source Installer: wxpropgrid-1.2.12-win.exe
Source Archive: wxpropgrid-1.2.12-src.tar.gz
Additional wxPython-related Sources: wxpropgrid-1.2.12-wxPython-src.tar.gz

1.4.15 Install Instructions

Windows: Run the installer or uncompress the source archive to place wxPropertyGrid into a directory of your choice (but outside your wxWidgets dir). Makefiles and project files are in build directories. See readme and wxCode-build system documentation for more info.

POSIX Systems (Linux, OS X, MingW+MSys, etc): Extract the source archive, run configure, make and make install.

wxPython Binaries and Sources

Sorry, the selection may be a bit limited right now. If you need something that is not on the list, you will need to download the wxPropertyGrid source archive and wxPython-only source archive, and build the bindings yourself (see the accompanied wxPython-related readme file).

To install, unzip and run the contained installer executable. Sample application test_propgrid.py can then be found in %PYDIR%\Lib\site-packages\wx-2.8-msw-foo\wx\samples.

Note about building from sources on Linux, Mac OS X and other *nix systems: wxPropertyGrid's wxPython binding currently do not build well on these systems. Some people have managed to pull it off, but most have not. There are various problems that I currently do not have resources to resolve. All is not lost however, as wxPropertyGrid should be part of the upcoming wxPython 2.9.1, which naturally will work on the aforementioned systems.

Python 2.7
wxPropertyGrid 1.4.15 (Win32) for Python 2.7 with wxPython (ansi)
wxPropertyGrid 1.4.15 (Win32) for Python 2.7 with wxPython (unicode)

Python 2.6
wxPropertyGrid 1.4.15 (Win32) for Python 2.6 with wxPython (ansi)
wxPropertyGrid 1.4.15 (Win32) for Python 2.6 with wxPython (unicode)

Python 2.5
wxPropertyGrid 1.4.15 (Win32) for Python 2.5 with wxPython (ansi)
wxPropertyGrid 1.4.15 (Win32) for Python 2.5 with wxPython (unicode)

Note: wxWidgets stable releases (eg. 2.6.x and 2.8.x) should be binary compatible, so bindings built for wxPython should work with wxPython and as well. However, used SWIG version changed at one point (after, I think), effectively breaking binary compatibility for bindings. Therefore, if you insist on using wxPython or earlier, these older bindings below should work for you:

wxPropertyGrid 1.1.4 (Win32) for Python 2.4 with wxPython (ansi)
wxPropertyGrid 1.1.4 (Win32) for Python 2.4 with wxPython (unicode)

Browse SourceForge download page for releases of old stable branches.

Pre-built Sample (of wxPropertyGrid

To run the sample, Visual C++ 2008 runtime must be installed.

propgridsample.zip (Win32)

SVN Access

wxPropertyGrid sources are available on SVN repository hosted by SourceForge. You can checkout the development version using following command:

svn co https://wxpropgrid.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/wxpropgrid/trunk propgrid

Old stable branch code can be downloaded with this command:

svn co https://wxpropgrid.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/wxpropgrid/branches/PG_1_2_BRANCH propgrid

More info on SVN access

Development snapshots

You can download tarballs of the most cutting-edge version of wxPropertyGrid via SourceForge's SVN viewer interface:
1.4 stable branch (current SVN trunk)
1.2 stable branch (older version - not updated recently)

wxPython Demo

An advanced sample application of wxPropertyGrid for wxPython has been made by Loren Jones. It should work with versions 1.2.6 or later (but not with 1.4 branch or later).

wxPropertyGrid Demo for wxPython, version 1.1.2

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